Information Technology

Veritech Corporation are your professional IT services firm, developing innovative solutions for over 21 years. Our unique ability to scale our expertise from a small to large enterprise business is what makes Veritech so diverse. With 2 offices located in Yoogali NSW and Wagga Wagga NSW, our dedicated team think outside the square and are committed to solving individual business IT needs.  

WE’RE LISTENING....through strong client relationships and a proactive approach, Veritech Corporation bring a new level of reliability to your IT infrastructure and productivity to your workplace.

Technology play’s a critical component to the efficiency of any organisation and that’s why our team are up to date with the latest trends and market leading solutions. 

Experience the power of our services and discover how Veritech can make a difference to the success and profitability of your business;

• Network Support

• Business Tech Support

• Managed IT Services

• Internet & NBN Solutions

• Security Audits/Ransomware

• Consulting

• Websites/Hosting

• Remote Monitoring

• Systems Integration

• Outdoor Wireless solutions

• Bacula Enterprise Back up